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Fruit trees


seeding material certification

All the plant material we supply is 100% certified as virus free and high quality.

All seeding material has Agriculture Ministry certificates of purity and up to date phytosanitaty certificate.

Fruit Trees - QUINCE TREE


Quince Tree - Champion Quince

Quince Tree - Champion Quince
Seedlings of quince fruit (champion) are American breed with large fruit, around 350g.
They are pear-shaped covered with grey hair.
Flesh is yellowish and pleasant aroma, but with a flaw characterized by stone cells.
It is self-pollinated, lush and very fruit-full. Soil substrates used for grates are MA and Ba 29 which has advantage.
Trees on this substrate take higher concentrations of lime better so danger from chlorosis is lesser, they have larger root and are characterized with better yield.

Quince Tree - Leskovacka Quince

Quince Tree - Leskovacka Quince
Fruit seedlings of quince breed “Leskovacka” are most common and is characterized by large fruit, around 350g and ripening in first half of October.
Fruit is lemon yellow, with firm and compact yellowish flesh, pleasant aroma and sour taste.
It is partly self-pollinated so it is necessary to have pollinators in seed-plot which is most often “Vranjska Dunja” or popularly “Dunjac”.
Characteristically , tree is medium lush, resistant to frost and drought.

Quince Tree - Vranjska (Dunjac) Quince

Quince Tree - Vranjska (Dunjac) Quince
Quince seedlings “Vranjska” are old domestic breed.
Harvest is at the end of September and at the beginning of October.
It is lush and self-pollinated.
Fruit is very large (500g), pear-shaped, golden-yellow color.
Flesh is yellow, medium firm.